Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, James got his start leading worship at the early age of 12. After hearing from the Lord about the call on his life to be a worship leader God began to open the doors for him to grow into that calling. As of today, James has been leading worship for both the local church, as well as camps, retreats, and conferences for the past 14 years. He and his wife currently live Southern California where alongside songwriting and composing, he operates as the Worship & Arts Director at REFINERY Church. James is passionate about this emerging generation and believes that God will do even greater things through them than ever in history. His heart is through worship and song to be apart of bringing a new wave of revival to both young and old all over our world. 



by James Younger

Released the summer of 2017, this dream became a reality as James Younger released his debut worship album. Written from the heart this album is a collection of songs designed to build and encourage the local church. The main anthem of the albums is a simple declaration that Jesus is all that we need.




"Anointed. If I could describe James Younger in one word, thats what I would choose. James leads with such grace, wisdom, and excellence. I have worked with James for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say he is the best there is. I trust James to lead our youth, leaders, and staff in any worship scenario. James’ sensitivity to the Spirit and willingness to take people into the throne room of heaven is unlike anything I have ever experienced before as a leader. He is head and shoulders above many worship leaders and I have been blessed to partner with him."

-Brittany Johnstone [PSW NextGen Representative, The Foursquare Church]


"James Younger is a highly gifted and anointed musician, singer/songwriter and worship leader! James leads his team well, bringing out the best in each musician and vocalist. In addition, James leads a crowd of any size with much grace and authority, having a great balance between moving freely in the gifts of the Spirit, while staying humble and submitted to leadership. James truly is the "total package" when it comes to worship ministry!"

-Larry White [Senior Pastor, Horizon Church]


"There are a number of qualities I appreciate about James Younger as a worship leader. While he is an excellent musician, vocalist and team leader, James demonstrates a humble sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a pastoral heart that God uses so powerfully in our time of corporate worship. His unique gifting allows for such freedom in the Spirit and has helped our community experience intimacy and celebration, contemplation and awe, brokenness and healing. Additionally, I appreciate that James has worked so well within a multi-cultural environment and his collaboration with our planning team to create an engaging event for both our students and staff.  I highly recommend James Younger for your next camp, retreat or conference!"

-Dan Son [Youth Pastor, Village Baptist & Theophilus Ministries]




Sermons given by James Younger



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